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The phrase “people join people” rings true not only for active brothers but alumni as well! From the active brothers of Zeta Chapter, thank you to all of our alumni that have remained connected to our chapter and supported us in your own achievements and our aspirations. Walking around the halls of 203 Highland Ave, it is truly impossible not to be inspired by the great men who have pursued a broader and better agriculture. We look forward to continuing to make better men!

Alumni Brightcrowd

Zeta Chapter has begun an initiative to update our alumni directory. Our last update was in 2013 and does not reflect many of the ways in which information is currently spread — mainly email, cell phones, and other online platforms. This will allow for more accurate placement of the Crescent and quicker communication between brothers. Each edition of the Crescent tends to result in between 20 and 100 returned copies, the majority due to defunct addresses. Help us connect brothers with opportunities (social and professional!) by submitting your email information on Brightcrowd.

Join Us on LinkedIn

In the interest of furthering our professional capabilities, we have started a LinkedIn group for Zeta Chapter brothers. We hope this will allow multiple generations of Zetas to connect and reconnect while aiding one another in their professional ambitions. One of Zeta’s Membership Development requirements is for each new member to create a LinkedIn account. Introducing new members to the wide professional base that our chapter has as well as making the platform available to introduce the professional ambitions of actives will help actives and alumni alike in their pursuit of interns, jobs, and other career advancement opportunities. This has the potential to be a significant professional opportunity for all brothers, past and present, and we are excited to see it used in furthering our recruitment efforts as well. That being said, we need your updated contact information before we can add you!

The Crescent 2.0

Dubbed “the Crescent 2.0”, we commend our Alumni Board and Ann Noble Shephard in the organization, editing, and ideas they have brought to the Crescent. The alumni base of Zeta Chapter is one of its strongest assets and we are excited to improve the way it is featured, particularly as a recruitment tool.

The AGR Crescent Library is available here!

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