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The "Making Better Men" Scholarship

ΑΓΡ Our fraternity was founded in 1914 with the intention of supporting the development of young men passionate about anything to do with agriculture, food production, environmental stewardship and conservation.

In pursuit of this, our brotherhood has taken it upon itself to continue promoting academic excellence among the men whose passions align with our own. This year one young man will receive a $1,000 reward from the chapter. Through this scholarship we continue to financially support the men of Cornell with similar passions and interests as ourselves.

This scholarship is for incoming freshman or rising sophomores at Cornell University. Applicants don’t need to necessarily be studying agricultural related fields however; just passionate about food production in general or the world around us. we encourage all interested students to apply regardless of their major. 

The scholarship deadline is August 26th, 2024. Applications should be sent to

If you have any questions, please reach out to

Scholarship Form

Scholarship Handout

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